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Romantic Love vs. Unconditional Love

Explore our male residential locations that offer both serenity and quick access from the major cities. Our female residential locations offer comfort and natural beauty to cultivate transformation and healing. Unconditional love is one of the most important gifts we can receive as children.

Why is unconditional love so important? Because it affects so many aspects of mental and physical health. Multiple studies have revealed the positive effects of unconditional love, which include. Moreover, researchers have documented the negative results when children do not receive unconditional love.

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Therefore, evidence shows that unconditional love is one of the most powerful factors in healthy development for children and teens. When parents accept, love, and show affection to their children, even when they make mistakes or fall short of expectations, this is unconditional love. In other words, it is a form of love with no strings attached. Therefore, parents love their children for who they are, no matter what.

As a result, such children tend to exhibit anxiety and to question whether they are worthy of love, even when they reach adulthood.

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True, conditional love and authoritarian parenting sometimes result in higher achievement in children and teens. A series of studies with college students showed that those who received conditional approval were more likely to act as their parents wanted them to. But, as a result, they tended to resent and dislike their parents. In addition, they often felt ashamed or guilty. Consequently, they now felt less worthy as adults, the study found. Yet, despite their own experience, these mothers were more likely to use conditional affection with their own children. Thus, the cycle of conditional love is perpetuated.

Abraham Hicks The Power Of Unconditional Love Feeling Good No Matter What

Many studies show that traumatic parent-child attachments in infancy have a significant negative impact on brain development. Specifically, a study found that children with affectionate mothers have a larger hippocampus than those who have been emotionally neglected. To clarify, the hippocampus is the part of the brain that controls memory, learning capabilities, and responses to stress.

What Is Unconditional Love? 32 Ways To Know If You’ve Found It | eharmony

Luby, MD, professor of child psychiatry. I have decided on a completely different career path which is so exciting that I can't wait to get up in the morning and some of the strain in my relationship has lifted for both of us as I felt confident and strong enough to make that really necessary talk which I was afraid to before. So thank you for all of that! I am so grateful to you for the amazing support you've shown me and the way you explain things so clearly.

The exercises you gave me to do were amazing and really helped. Noone else seems to understand. Everyone else was telling me to forget it. Without your guidence I would have given up but instead I'm happier than I have ever been before. Working with Odille was great! She taught me an unconditional love process which worked like magic!

The Power of Unconditional Love Training

I was nervous when I first started but she explained everything clearly and took it step by step. She was very positive and always added encouragement to everything. For me, the thought of losing Max causes me to recognize what an important part of our family he has been for all these years and has made me stop and question my own relationships and whether I should possibly try to be more like Max.

Am I sometimes too quick to judge or be critical? When I give something — do I sometimes give but secretly expect something in return?

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Thank you Max for all you have given us — maybe your role on this earth was to show us what unconditional love really means and to teach us the power that it really can give. Signup for our Newsletters that are jam packed with valuable information and inspiration to help you live your very best encore!

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