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Sojourn in a Dreadful Land (Yemen Chronicles)

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Sojourn in a Dreadful Land (Yemen Chronicles) by Hatem El-Khalidi (2011, Paperback)

Twilight Books. Ian Fleming. Ner begat Kish --The father of Ner, though not mentioned here, is stated 1Ch to have been Jehiel. Moreover, the father of Kish is said 1Sa to have been Abiel, the son of Zeror, whence it would seem that Abiel and Ner were names of the same person. Abinadab --the same as Ishui 1Sa Esh-baal --that is, Ish-bosheth.

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Jehoadah --or, Jara 1Ch Great strength as well as skill was requisite in ancient archery, as the bow, which was of steel, was bent by treading with the feet, and pulling the string with both hands. The genealogies given in the preceding chapters were drawn from the public records in the archives both of Israel and Judah; and those given in this chapter relate to the period subsequent to the restoration; whence it appears compare 1Ch that the genealogical registers were kept during the captivity in Babylon.

These genealogical tables, then, are of the highest authority for truth and correctness, the earlier portion being extracted from the authenticated records of the nation; and as to those which belong to the time of the captivity, they were drawn up by a contemporary writer, who, besides enjoying the best sources of information, and being of the strictest integrity, was guided and preserved from all error by divine inspiration. Almost all the names recur in Nehemiah Ne , although there are differences which will be explained there.

The same division of the people into four classes was continued after, as before the captivity; namely, the priests, Levites, natives, who now were called by the common name of Israelites, and the Nethinims Jos ; Ezr ; When the historian speaks of "the first inhabitants that dwelt in their possessions," he implies that there were others who afterwards returned and settled in possessions not occupied by the first.

Accordingly, we read of a great number returning successively under Ezra, Nehemiah, and at a later period. And some of those who returned to the ancient inheritance of their fathers, had lived before the time of the captivity Ezr ; Hag , It is an honor by which Eastern kings are distinguished, to have a gate exclusively devoted to their own special use, and which is kept constantly closed, except when he goes out or returns Eze There being no king then in Israel, this gate would be always shut.

Now the Philistines fought against Israel --The details of this chapter have no relation to the preceding genealogies and seem to be inserted solely to introduce the narrative of David's elevation to the throne of the whole kingdom. The parallel between the books of Samuel and Chronicles commences with this chapter, which relates the issue of the fatal battle of Gilboa almost in the very same words as 1Sa But it is probable that the feelings that restrained him from complying with Saul's wish were a profound respect for royalty, mingled with apprehension of the shock which such a catastrophe would give to the national feelings and interests.

Saul died, and his three sons, and all his house --his sons and courtiers who were there engaged in the battle. But it appears that Ish-bosheth and Mephibosheth were kept at Gibeah on account of their youth. Such trophies were usually suspended on the pillars of the temple. Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the Lord --in having spared the king of the Amalekites and taken the flocks of the people as spoils [ 1Sa ], as well as in having consulted a pythoness [ 1Sa ].

Both of these acts were great sins--the first as a violation of God's express and positive command [ 1Sa ], and the second as contrary to a well-known statute of the kingdom Le And inquired not of the Lord --He had done so in form 1Sa , but not in the spirit of a humble penitent, nor with the believing confidence of a sincere worshipper. His enquiry was, in fact, a mere mockery, and his total want of all right religious impressions was manifested by his rushing from God to a wretched impostor in the service of the devil [ 1Sa ].

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  5. Then all Israel gathered themselves to David unto Hebron --This event happened on the death of Ish-bosheth see on 2Sa The convention of the estates of the kingdom, the public and solemn homage of the representatives of the people, and the repeated anointing of the new king in their presence and by their direction, seem to have been necessary to the general acknowledgment of the sovereign on the part of the nation compare 1Sa David and all Israel went to.

    Jebus -- See on 2Sa Joab repaired the rest of the city --David built a new town to the north of the old one on Mount Zion; but Joab was charged with a commission to restore the part that had been occupied by the ancient Jebus, to repair the breaches made during the siege, to rebuild the houses which had been demolished or burned in the sacking of the town, and to preserve all that had escaped the violence of the soldiery. In these words the sacred historian assigns a reason for introducing the list of their names, immediately after his account of the election of David as king, and the conquest of Jerusalem; namely, that they assisted in making David king.

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    In the original form of the list, and the connection in which it occurs in Samuel, there is no reference to the choice of a king; and even in this passage it is only in the clause introduced into the superscription that such a reference occurs [K EIL ]. Jashobeam, an Hachmonite --or, "son of Hachmoni. Some endeavor to reconcile the statements in that passage and in this by supposing that he slew eight hundred on one occasion and three hundred on another; while others conjecture that he attacked a body of eight hundred, and, having slain three hundred of them, the rest fled [L IGHTFOOT ].

    He was with David at Pas-dammim --It was at the time when he was a fugitive in the wilderness, and, parched with thirst under the burning heat of noonday, he wistfully thought of the cool fountain of his native village [ 2Sa ; 1Ch ]. This is a notice of the achievement, to which Eleazar owed his fame, but the details are found only in 2Sa , where it is further said that he was aided by the valor of Shammah, a fact corroborated in the passage before us 1Ch , where it is recorded of the heroes, that "they set themselves in the midst of that parcel.