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Jun 18, Claudia rated it really liked it. Genre:Australian historical fiction, very much enjoyed it. Felt somewhat let down by the ending and it felt somewhat unfinished. Was glad to find out that this is the first book in that story line. If you enjoy epic family sagas than this is the right book for you. Oct 24, Tracy Smyth rated it liked it. Not a bad book. Not sure if I would read the others in this series. Nov 19, Carol Preston rated it liked it. This is a story set in a small country town in Victoria, Australia, in the early s.

As such it appealed to me in an historical sense. Sadly, I almost gave up on the book a few times. I found it had too many characters for me to keep track of, too many side stories that interrupted the main story; most of them tragic. No doubt in a small country town there are many interesting characters with fascinating stories, but in a novel I found it overwhelming.

I also found the POV very difficult. It This is a story set in a small country town in Victoria, Australia, in the early s. It was mainly in a universal POV which left me feeling I was hovering above the story rather than experiencing life through the characters eyes - even the main characters.

However, in spite of all that, I was intrigued by the central characters; a middle aged woman and a baby born in tragic circumstances whose lives become entwined.

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I couldn't put it down until I found out what happened as the child grew up. This is not a light-hearted story by any means and in parts is almost unbearably tragic. Even the ending brings only a little relief to the sadness of the story, though it does offer some hope.

Certainly not for the faint hearted. I really persisted with this book. But I just could not keep going. I made it through of pages. I wanted to love it, especially given that it was Book 1 in a series of 6. I just didn't really care what happened to anyone. I wasn't connected to them.

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And like another reviewer has said, I felt like I was hovering over the characters, rather than immersed in their world. Jan 30, Cate Ellink added it. DNF - I hate doing that but I had to. I was loathe to pick the book up because no matter how well written, or how lovely some of the descriptions were, I didn't care what happened to the characters. I got halfway and I don't really know where it's going and I don't really care at all.

Too many other books to read. Feb 17, Tracy rated it did not like it Shelves: audio , dumped.

Pearl in a Cage (A Woody Creek Novel 1)

Dumped it. No idea why the waitlist to read it. Listened to the first half a dozen chapters and found it very annoying. Too many characters straight up and they are all unlikeable. It's like a story about a town of hillbillies, don't bother. Jan 26, Orna rated it did not like it.

I Learned that a miserable life will stay a miserable life. This book got worse in sorrow as it read.

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No happy beginning or ending, I was waiting for turn of events but the turn just circled into misery. Dec 25, Wizzfizz rated it it was ok.

Pluses: Beautifully descriptive insight into small village life in Australia in the early years. Rich characterisation. Minuses: A cast of thousands it seemed. Long winded and unnecessary descriptions of what I felt to be minor characters. Found myself skimming large sections due to boredom.

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Jul 03, Ange Rogers rated it it was amazing. The start of the best Australian book series I've ever read. I'd advise that you have all the books in the series before starting as you'll want - scratch that - NEED, to keep reading. So, so good! I wish I had never read them so I could be reading them all again for the first time. Feb 09, Sarah rated it did not like it. This book would be one of my most loathed reads. I hated it all the way through, and was so annoyed with the end I threw the book.

I felt it was a waste of my time getting to know all the characters, not to mention trying to keep up with the all over the place writing. Jan 03, Chris rated it it was ok. This was a slow burner of a book, for me it seemed to loose its way. I won't be reading any more of this authors books.

Nov 22, Katie rated it really liked it. The narration is wonderful. A fantastic Aussie historical tale. Nov 06, Sue Hopkins rated it really liked it. This was a story! I found this old fashioned, charming, even though it seems like the wrong word given some of the plot, however the characters were rich, intense, with a small town atmosphere. The story was complex, lots of different story lines, lots of different characters. There was a strong streak of abuse that runs through one of the major plot lines, that one of the main characters Jenny has to endure, from a number of sources.

However it was engaging, easy to follow, and gave a real sens This was a story! However it was engaging, easy to follow, and gave a real sense of pre-war, depression era country town Australia. I also listened on audio so it brought a greater dimension to the characters. The ending was a little confusing - but I think there are others in the series so an opening for another book! May 19, Gay Harding rated it liked it. A big story within a big book pages. It was hard going at times, with all the different characters. Some you love some you hate.

But, this is what makes a good story, getting to know the characters and their strengths and weakness. Ms Dettman writes of the injustices of that time before women had a voice and their only recourses. A sad tale in many ways, but one that kept me reading hoping justice would be served. Not sure it was though. Oct 11, Tricia rated it liked it Shelves: reading-challenges. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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I have read a few of Joy Dettman's books. I didn't enjoy this book as much as some of the others. The book seemed to repeat itself a few times. I also didn't like that everyone covered up for Amber. There are a lot of characters so it is a bit hard to keep a track of. Mar 10, Miriam rated it really liked it.

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Apr 24, Anita Joblin rated it it was amazing. Oct 04, Jodeane Anderson taylor rated it really liked it. I loved this book.