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Why was I shown all of this incredible potential if I was supposed to be a bump on the street—which is what I thought I was?


If you want to be happy, give, give, and give more. Be an active participant in your spiritual growth. It certainly worked for Kipp. OMG, I forgot to pack a bra to change into after my sweaty workout—what do I do? Can fruits and veggies ever really be bad for you? The rule is you must remain linked together, and only students on the end can tag others. Tag as many students as possible until there is only one student left. He referenced concepts that the people of the time would understand. In this case, he talks about sowing seeds — something farmers could relate to.

With reference to the verse above, what is significant about what Jesus says in John? In the following verses, what characteristics of Jesus are attributes of an omnipotent God?

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Read Luke In your on words describe of what the women in this passage were reminded. In 1 Corinthians , the Apostle Paul states that he considers certain truths as utmost in importance. What are they? According to Paul, where are these truths recorded? In your own words describe the way He will return.

4 Main Lessons Young Adults Can Learn from Christ at Their Age

What will happen to believers when He returns? How does His imminent return motivate your present life? How does this study on the deity of Christ make you appreciate your relationship with him? Lesson 6—The Lordship of Christ. The title of Lord is given to Jesus Christ throughout the Scriptures. God gave Him the name above all other names. God also placed everything under His authority.

This study on the Lordship of Christ is created to give you a clear understanding that Christ desires to be ruler and master over every area of your life, and that he has given you the ability to yield each area to him. What do the following verses say about the Lordship of Christ? Yielding every area of our lives to Christ is not a condition for salvation. But we yield our lives and desire to serve the Lord because we are saved.

It is also true that man cannot live his life for Christ in his own power. Jesus guarantees His Holy Spirit to all who believe in him. Thus it is the Holy Spirit who resides in us and empowers us to live for Christ. In your own words define the meaning of Zechariah In your own words explain the meaning of Romans Take a few moments to evaluate your practice of the Lordship of Christ. In John , what does Jesus say is the indication of your love for him?

What do the following Scripture passages say about each of these life areas? Many people today when confronted with the Bible say that it is not the Word of God — it was written by men. John Wesley, an 18th century Christian leader, used the following analogy:. If good men wrote the Bible, and then claimed it was written by the inspiration of God, 2 Timothy , they would be liars, and liars are not good men.

If bad men wrote the Bible, they would be condemning themselves because the Bible condemns sin, Bad men tend to justify their sin, but the Bible never justifies sin. Since neither good men nor bad men wrote the Bible, the only Person left is God. How are the words in the following passages attributed to God? What prophecies were fulfilled in the following verses? In 2 Peter , Peter gives an eyewitness account as to what has been written. Answer the following questions concerning his testimony about this. Also read Matthew What is Peter not following concerning this testimony? The key to living a victorious, Spirit-filled Christian life is Jesus Christ as the center and Lord of all we do.

With Christ in control, life is balanced and effective.

The wheel illustrates this Christ-centered life. Just as the driving force in a wheel comes from the hub so the power to live the Christian life comes from Jesus Christ as the center.

He lives in us in the person of the Holy Spirit, whose expressed purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ. We maintain personal contact with God through the vertical spokes Word and Prayer. The Word is our spiritual food as well as our sword for spiritual battle. It is the foundational spoke for effective Christian living. Through the spoke of Prayer we have direct communication with our heavenly Father and receive provision for our needs.

As we pray we show our dependence upon and trust in Him. The horizontal spokes concern our relationship to people; our relationship to believers through Christian fellowship, and to unbelievers through witnessing. Fellowship centered around the Lord Jesus Christ provides the mutual encouragement, admonition and stimulation we all need. The first three spokes prepare us for passing on to others all that we have received from the Lord.

If a wheel would attempt to roll down the road with one or more spokes missing it would be in for quite a rough and bumpy ride. But a wheel that has all four spokes securely attached to the hub will have a much smoother ride.

7 Simple Life Lessons Found In The Bible

Our purpose is to know the Lord in a deep personal way and to bring glory to him through our lives here on earth. In your own words explain the meaning of Philippians Match the assurance with the appropriate verse. Our Responsibility According to John what does Jesus desire of us? Explain the meaning of storing treasures. Read this parable found in Matthew and answer the questions below.

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