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With the competition being tougher than ever, even getting your foot in the door can be a real challenge.

The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Remote Job Interview

The first step is to present an application that will land you the interview. However, your first impression is the one key aspect for an employer to even consider you as a potential candidate for the role.

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But how can you present your already attained skills in a way that the employer would like to reach back out to you? In my experience companies like Amazon and Zillow compare themselves to top-tier universities like Harvard and Stanford when it comes to landing interviews. I would say superior written AND verbal communication skills are necessary for remote roles along with collaboration. Or manage projects and collaborate with diverse, remote global teams. However, chosen candidates are the ones that have gone in depth to explain how they use those skills in real life scenarios.

Keep in mind, inadvertently you also show your communication skills in every written communication with the company. So make sure anything in writing is crisp, to the point and typo-free. Not only is it necessary to present your core competencies regarding hard skills. Soft skills are just as important as these show the employer your capability to work within a distributed team. This is due to the fact that as a remote worker, communication is the key element in collaborating and working with your team.

Having experience with applications such as Slack, Zoom, SharePoint and OneDrive can show your competence working with a remote team. Other key soft skills such as collaboration and being a team player go hand in hand with your ability to communicate, so describe previous successes where these skills were necessary.

Applying for a remote role means the interview process will most likely be fully remote as well. In general, hiring managers want to mitigate risk when hiring a new employee. For remote roles, that includes your aptitude to excel in this working environment. No, I have not. But if I was interviewing for a remote job, I would highlight that I have worked at Canon, for example, with individuals spread all over the United States.

Job Skill Secrets: Landing and Keeping a Job - Job Transfer Skills - The Office spoof

This a great example of showcasing existing experience to highlight concrete remote working skills. Many candidates without remote experience are likely to have worked in an international working environment. Have you worked with peers and colleagues from different countries in different timezones? Then try to leverage this experience to highlight your flexibility. Being remote ready is crucial in beating your competition.

Having experience with the latest productivity and communication tools can equal to a higher chance of success. Many remote-first companies include culture or value related questions in several interviews during the application process. Others prefer to conduct one interview specifically to see whether you would be a good culture fit. It could also be someone outside of the team you would be working with.

This seems to be the reality at most companies nowadays. The first step is to research the company and understand what makes its culture unique. It would also be a good idea to look at some employees of the company, and how they live by those values.

Introducing the 3-week “Find Your Dream Job” Boot Camp

Personally, I take online courses in my spare time to improve my Facebook Ads skills, which I can now easily showcase on my CV. At acework, we require candidates to submit a writing sample about why they would like to work remotely. This is a stellar opportunity to shine in terms of your written communication skills. In addition, companies on acework usually ask between 2 and 4 unique questions for each posted role. Candidates are required to answer those either written or in video format.

Generally, it is important to understand that culture fit goes both ways. You should consider if the company is a good fit for you as much as they evaluate if you are a good fit for them.

10 tips for landing your dream job in 2018

Therefore, showing your personality and being authentic is more important than telling the company what you believe they want to hear. Honesty is a key attribute a recruiter looks for in an ideal candidate. Living in an ever-growing digital era, social media has become increasingly important when applying for jobs. Especially for remote roles, where a large portion of the job will be online, a strong online presence seems even more crucial.

I even tell clients who may be all about social media that just your LinkedIn presence could make or break your career search. Look through your work experience, and take a moment to come up with significant accomplishments at each job. Now, take a look at the skills in the job posting. Can you use any of your accomplishments to highlight these skills?

3 types of job seekers who will always have trouble landing a job

If yes, try to include them as a bullet point in your experience section, along with the accomplishment. To create a more positive customer service experience for our clients X , I reorganized the filing system Y , resulting in a 5x faster response time to client inquiries Z. Prove to the recruiter that you can provide real results once they hire you. If you can do this, they will be more likely to overlook the risk factor linked to hiring a job hopper. Are you a jack of all trades?

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An accounting genius that can also sell meat to a vegan? And you can run an office with your eyes closed? These are all valuable skills, but unfortunately, this can make it hard to organize and focus your resume. The good news is that it is relatively easy to make a coherent resume out of random bits and pieces of your professional life.

Try using one of the best features of the combination resume format , with skills-based subheadings. Just make sure that you tailor your subheadings to reflect the skills listed in the job description.

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Pro tip: Try to list responsibilities and skills that will translate best to your new job. Switching gears from too many jobs to too little, the chronically unemployed job seeker can also have a hard time finding work.

Unemployment is a vicious cycle: the longer you have to go without work, the harder it can get to find something. The curse of unemployment aside from the lack of income! Try starting your resume with a summary or objective that alerts the hiring manager to the fact that you are the right person for the job before they get to your experience section.

A strong introduction can be a game changer.